“Layered” is Ovnnie's first proposal in which Bnomio plays with length, lines, symmetry and versatility to create a casual yet elevated look. With the purpose of expanding the limits of design, the artist creates sophisticated and relaxed pieces with a dystopian, authentic and aspirational touch where art is fashion. Layered rekindles the preconceived notion of casual wear and transforms it to create different silhouettes by playing with the fit, length and combination of pieces, creating a layered look.

“We have detached ourselves from the unnecessary elements and focused on a new resonance.”


Encounter different silhouettes as the collection redefines preconceived pieces, discovering an oversized, relaxed, and sophisticated look. Where style meets authenticity and garments become a symphony of self-expression. Layered features designs that allows the incorporation of different pieces and give depth to a layered look.

Artist Bnomio styling male model with white long sleeve shirt
Models sitting beside eachother wearing basic hoodie and convertible pants as shorts
Models hugging wearing tank tops