OVNNIE™ is a fashion brand with a sleek and avant-garde vision. Led by the artist Bnomio, the brand incorporates his artistic practice, inviting us to step into his creative process. Inspired by disciplines such as art, architecture, and minimalist concepts, OVNNIE™ forges new paths by making the fusion of avant-garde and streetwear its motto.

Full body shot of artist Bnomio styling male model with black hoodie

Bnomio is an artist inspired by street art and an avant-garde lifestyle who plays with duality in all his creations. His journey as an artist has pulled him into an introspective approach where he explores identity and authenticity, allowing him to discover his fears and essence. His art translates to fashion through a minimalist and monochromatic style where he plays with lines, silhouettes and asymmetry to introduce streetwear into the avant-garde scene. 

Profile of the artist Bnomio

“Ovnnie brings the evolution of streetwear into a new avant-garde path that has been influenced by my scenery as an artist”

- Bnomio

Ovnnie is supported by Colección SOLO, an international project that aims to support and share contemporary creation. It has a wide-ranging creative environment, giving artists the freedom of self-expression.